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“Be Smart About Safe Sleep” Charitable Sponsorship Program

According to the latest CDC report (January 2018), there are 3,500 sleep-related deaths of babies every year. Show your customers and clients that you care about their children, while helping KBS prevent infant injury and death. By becoming a “Be Smart About Safe Sleep charitable sponsor, your business can join KBS in the fight to ensure that all babies have a safe sleep environment.

How Your Business Benefits

  • Participating businesses enhance their images as responsible corporate citizens by their association with KBS, the leading resource for infant sleep safety information.
  • Businesses can use the KBS logo on their websites and include a link to the KBS website.
  • KBS will write and distribute a press release announcing the sponsorship.
  • Charitable sponsors are able to use the “Be Smart About Safe
  • Sleep”™ medallion on product packaging, in stores and medical offices, and on their websites. This medallion demonstrates that a participating business has been recognized by KBS for its efforts to promote safe sleep practices. Sponsors are also authorized to distribute and use the following KBS materials:
  • “Be Smart About Safe Sleep” postcard and poster
  • “Safe Sleep (Environments) for Babies” video
  • “Be Smart About Safe Sleep” brochure
  • KBS sponsor newsletters

KBS does not endorse any product and is a 501 (c)(3) national non-profit organization.

Why Help Us?

  • In the last two years, cribs and mattresses accounted for 148 infant deaths.
  • Cribs are the leading cause of death or injury caused by nursery products.
  • Most of these deaths come about by adding extra bedding or supplemental mattresses in the crib.

Consider that many of these tragedies could have been prevented by educating parents and caregivers how to “Be Smart about Safe Sleep” and by donating cribs to families that need them most. That’s why we need your help!

As a sponsor, you’ll work with KBS to get the word out:

  • Begin educating new parents/grandparents as soon as they receive the good news.
  • Make sure parents/grandparents know about the potential dangers of cribs and mattresses, and are informed about sleep safety before they purchase nursery products.
  • Most of these deaths come about by adding extra bedding or supplemental mattresses in the crib.

How You Can Get the Word Out

  • Display the “Be Smart About Safe Sleep” medallion and posters on websites, product packaging, office waiting rooms, and hospital and retail windows.
  • Distribute “Be Smart About Safe Sleep”; postcards, and posters to those you reach, including new parents and customers.
  • Run the “Safe Sleep For Babies” DVD on appropriate channels.

Where Does Your Sponsorship Contribution Go?

  • “Be Smart About Safe Sleep” education program.
  • Project Safe Crib–Keeping Babies Safe has donated more than
  • 11,000 cribs nationally to our partner hospitals, health and human service organizations, clinics, governments, health centers, and parents nationwide.

If you are interested in finding out more about Charitable Sponsorship, please contact Jill Levey at:

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