When we put our babies to sleep every night, we trust they will thrive and grow. Yet thousands of infants are tragically lost because parents, grandparents, and caregivers didn’t understand how to make their sleeping environment safe.

These tragedies can be averted through education and greater awareness. Keeping Babies Safe promotes awareness and helps provide safe sleeping conditions through its “Be Smart About Safe Sleep”™ program, by advocating for safe infant products, and through our Project Safe Crib program.

Our “Be Smart About Safe Sleep”™ program gives caregivers the resources they need – at the moment they learn the wonderful news about baby and before they purchase infant products – to make smart, safe decisions about the crib, mattress and other infant product purchases. Working with corporate sponsors, we provide the print, video and training materials that comprise our “Safe Sleep (environments) for Babies” media, distributing them through:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors
  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • State Governments
  • State Health and Human Services Departments
  • Professional Caregivers

KBS continues to advocate for and has been instrumental in passing national crib safety regulations. We work with manufacturers, retailers, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ban and announce the voluntary recall of hazardous supplementary mattresses and pads. The more dangerous products we can remove from the market, the safer our babies will be.

Our Project Safe Crib program provides safe cribs to financially-challenged parents. KBS uses donations to purchase safe cribs at an industry discount and to offer them to human service organizations with proven training in safe crib practices. Trained professionals set up donated cribs according to the highest safety standards. We’ve already donated thousands of cribs to those in need and are poised to do even more.

Volunteer and/or Join Our Board. Keeping Babies Safe is actively seeking volunteers and people who are interested in joining its board of directors. For more information, contact Joyce Davis, President of KBS, at jdavis@keepingbabiessafe.org.