The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission has agreed to docket a petition from Keeping Babies Safe, calling for supplemental mattresses to be banned for sale throughout the United States.

Meanwhile, through the urging of KBS, major retailers have agreed to stop selling the fatal product in their retail stores and online. They include: Target, Toys R Us, buy buy Baby, Sears, Kmart and Wayfair, to date.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, KBS is pushing for a ban on supplemental mattresses on the state level. Assembly members Jamel Holley, Angela McKnight and Jim Kennedy introduced the law (A-1139), which was heard in October 2016 by the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee. It unanimously voted to move the legislation to the full Assembly A companion bill by Sen. Teresa Ruiz is to be heard in the State Senate (S. 2616).

KBS is steadfast in its efforts at all levels to finally remove this product from the marketplace.