When we put babies to sleep every night, we trust they will thrive and grow. Yet thousands of infants are tragically lost because parents, grandparents, and caregivers didn’t understand how to make their sleeping environment safe.

These tragedies can be averted through education and greater awareness. Keeping Babies Safe (KBS) promotes awareness and helps provide safe sleeping conditions through its “Be Smart About Safe Sleep”™ program, by advocating for safe infant products, and through our Project Safe Crib program.

Our “Be Smart About Safe Sleep”™ program gives caregivers the resources they need – at the moment they learn the wonderful news about baby and before they purchase infant products – to make smart, safe decisions about the crib, mattress and other infant product purchases.

There are many ways in which students ages 11-13 can help our non-profit organization, such as:


Spend time with volunteers as they provide safe cribs to low-income families in our area. On your big day, tell the congregation about the work of KBS to provide these cribs and to inform families about safe sleep practices.


Write a “letter to the editor” and post on your social media about the importance of ensuring safe sleep for babies. Provide some of the KBS tips for young families, as well as educate the public about the dangers of using supplemental mattresses with soft-sided play yards. Share with your congregation your advocacy efforts to save the lives of babies.


Distribute “Be Smart About Safe Sleep”™ postcards to expectant mothers, dropping them off at the offices of your local obstetrician. Ask to take a photo with the doctor to post on your social media pages, telling how you are both helping to ensure safe sleep practices for babies. Ask the doctor to post a KBS poster in his/her waiting room. Also, look for child-focused stores in your town, such as toy stores, and ask if you can display the poster. Most often, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Use social media wherever possible to ensure others take notice.

Organize and Fundraise

KBS holds its signature fundraiser each October in Basking Ridge, NJ, a 5K run that includes many events for the entire family. Start your own team now for the Oct. 11 event, or just show up and participate. It is a great way to learn about KBS and how you can get involved. (Before registration begins at 8:30 a.m., KBS needs volunteers to put up flyers and hand out tri-folds. During the event, we need volunteers to help at the registration table, distribute T-shirts, hand out water, and stand at the finish line and along the race course.)

** Students can incorporate KBS into any aspect of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration. For a donation, we can offer centerpieces, party favors and displays that show your commitment to the cause.